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  • Pre-construction tax settlement between owner, contractor, engineer, and state over power plant repowering project.

  • Chemical plant project award based on negotiation of local tax incentives worth $500K to contractor/owner.

  • Identified structure and execution issues with an international retailer's IT program; resulted in the client missing 50% of authorized business incentives and overpaying sales taxes.  

  • Recommended agreement changes and provided training to ensure that the client received maximum tax benefit on IT hardware and software purchases and related maintenance agreements. 

  • Tax Production Incentive settlement  between owner, contractor and state over construction of pulp and paper mill. 

  • Favorable tax settlement with state over contractor's overhead allocation.  Contractor had sued state. 

  • Representative of seller in settlement of Federal Tax dispute on the write-down of reinsurer receivables of major insurer following the sale of the insurer.

  • Identified millions in potential excess sales tax payments due to improper structuring of contracts related to reinsulation of multiple fossil power plants. 

  • Assisted in valuation of tangible property related to sale of client company.


  • Program Manager for the implementation and partial redesign of the general ledger system for its downstream fuel and marketing supply operations following the merger of two major oil companies.  

  • Seller's due diligence for sales of multiple subsidiaries.

  • Tax analysis and accounting for corporate spin-off of two major hotel chains from their gaming parent.

  • Tax analysis and planning for post-bankruptcy merger of three major airlines.

  • Buyer’s due diligence, acquisition, and integration of two fast food restaurant chains.


  • Numerous engagements where we identified and recovered multiple millions due to   sales and profit sharing diversions.

  • Discovered and led effort to recover intellectual and physical property, as well as build case for damages due to manufacturer's diversion of company's assets to launch competitive line of bench power tooling for a direct competitor.

  • Assisted US subsidiary with a multi-year review of their franchisee's compliance to internal policies and procedures as well as external revenue sharing contracts. Our professionals negotiated settlements between franchisees, client and third parties.

  • Our principals have directed the comprehensive compliance program for a division of a large Fortune 50 retailer resulting in the identification of diverted and improperly allocated sales.  We negotiated settlement agreements on behalf of the retailer, recovering millions in commissions and expenses.  We negotiated process improvements with the parties eliminating most of the diversions. 

  • Identified and participated in settlement of claim due to manufacturer's profit shifting to avoid payment on profit sharing agreements resulting in $5.4 million recovery.


  • Numerous national retailer investigations and subsequent settlements between contractors, major suppliers and its licensees.

  • Numerous public utility and vendor/contractor disputes related to operations, warranty claims, and power plant construction.

  • Commercial insurer settlements with its reinsurers (approximately 30 separate settlements).

  • Commercial insurer buy-outs of its reinsurer obligations.

  • Commercial insurer pre-trial settlements with major financial institutions over policy guarantees.

  • Contractor workout with multiple clients, contractors and vendors to avoid bankruptcy.

  • Settlements and commission recovery due to sales diversions from licensed to non-licensed locations.

  • Licensees redirected client customers to non-client locations.  

Companies We Have Worked With:

  • Ahold

  • Amplifon

  • Arthur Anderson

  • BP

  • Bechtel

  • Becon Construction Company

  • Citicorp

  • Colonial Penn

  • Continental Airlines

  • Embassy Suites

  • Exxon

  • Hampton Inn

  • Harrah's

  • Farris Electrical

  • Florida Power & Light

  • Fluor

  • Frontier Airlines

  • Hess

  • IBM

  • IMC

  • Kimberly-Clark

  • NextEra Energy

  • People Express

  • Quaker

  • Sears Holdings

  • T. B. Harski & Associates, LLC

  • Telesat Cablevision

  • Walgreens

  • Yum Brands

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