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Business Advisory

We have been involved with significant industrial and commercial construction projects representing contractors and owners.

Our Experience:

  • On-site Financial Management

  • Corporate Tax, Treasury, Risk Management, and Financial Reporting

  • Corporate Project Management

  • Project Financing

  • Project Risk Management

  • Project Bonding

  • Contractor and Insurer Claims Recovery

  • Federal and State Tax Audit Management and Tax Minimization/Recovery

Representative Project Experience Includes:

  • Lynchburg Foundry 

  • IMC New Wales Florida Phosphate Plant Construction Management Team

  • Kimberly Clark Pulp/Paper Mill Construction Project, Coosa Pines, AL

  • Exxon/Mobil Baytown Refinery Coal Liquefaction Project

  • South Carolina Gas and Electric Repowering Project

  • FP&L Martin Power Plant

  • FP&L Fossil Plant Reinsulation 

  • FP&L Turkey Creek Nuclear & Fossil Power Plants

  • FP&L St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant

  • SEGS I & II

  • Sears Holdings Store Remodeling Projects

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